Where I’m from – A poem by Julia B, Q11

Where I’m from

I am from a place that doesn’t even exist, where you can smell the wind,

where you can see the elements of earth

I am from my dreams where I feel like a damn queen

covered in roses and silk running through an endless forest

I am the queen of earth, made from this only element

I am from two lights who belong to two lovely souls

I am from my grandparents

I am their smile, I am their stories, I am the walks through nature,

the rare trips we made

I can still smell the self-made cakes in the air, feel the love I felt,

the freedom I gained

I am from the tears I cry whenever I feel lost in this whole paradise,

whenever I feel alone with everyone by my side

I am from trails I collected all my life

I am my past and I am my future

I am from strength I gained through all my falls,

I am from love I gained through all laughters

I am someone who believes we are all sisters and brothers

Julia B, Q11

Inspired by:

Where I’m FromBy George Ella Lyon